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Oxmoor Community Action Group - North Ward   (OCAG-NoW)

How Did it Start . . . . .
1664 - 1947 with the Montagu Family and The Earl of Sandwich of Hinchingbrook House, Huntingdon.  Most of the leading members of the Montagu family of Hinchingbrook played an active part in the local and national affairs of their day.   Sir Sydney Montagu was a loyal follower of King Charles 1, and represented Huntingdonshire in Parliament from 1640 until 1642.  His son Edward was a successful commander in the Parliamentarian army during the Civil War, and helped to negotiate the Restoration of Charles 11 in 1660.  From 1688 to 1832 the Montagu's asserted the patronage of the two Huntingdon Borough seats and one of the County MPs.
Oxmoor (Ox Mire) Estate ~ 
'A stretch of swampy or boggy ground, acres of land reduced to a mire'
Much of the area covered today by the Oxmoor Estate was once land belonging to the Earls of Sandwich who lived at Hinchingbrook House.  In 1952 the Town Development Act was passed with the object of relieving congestion in London and other large cities, and thereby infused new life and vigour into declining county towns.   Huntingdon Borough Council applied for such a development, and by 1955 London County Council had drawn up detailed plans to build 1000 new houses.   Some of todays roads follow the routes of track-ways depicted in the early 19th century
Oxmoor Community Action Group ~
The group started out as a Residents Association doing things for the immediate streets and looking after residents.  In 1995 professional people joined the group changing the way we worked into an Enabling group.  Our name changed to Oxmoor Community Action Group (OCAG) stretching across the whole of Oxmoor, able to raise funds for individual projects, and some very large ones such as St. Johns Little Learners and contributed to the New Heart of Oxmoor Oak tree and Maple Centre.   Today the group is known as OCAG-Now as a Action Group that covers North Ward.  We provide year on activities like the Free Fireworks and Moor In Bloom.  Community projects have been Coneygear Park, Poop n Scoop, Fly-tipping as well as regular Family Fun day, Music Festivals and seasonal events.
Oxmoor Community Action Group NoW ~ 
It's a busy group that is always looking for volunteers and funding to maintain local needs as well as our 'Chosen Project' for the year.   Last year (2015)  The MS Therapy Centre Huntingdon became top of the list to get the garden developed for the users.  Under Moor In Bloom we started work on the garden at MS Therapy Centre, very soon realising the volume of work and changes required to make this an outdoor therapy area and somewhere the centre users can take time out, relax, socialise and include their families.   The garden is not user friendly at all and in need of funding to provide for pathways which will allow users with varying mobility problems to access the garden. 

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A resume of OCAG. From Jill Tavener, Chairperson

OCAG started as a Residents Association working from St Barnabas and met as and when needed. Later professional people came on board and the group changed to OCAG, a group of residents enabling people of Oxmoor to develop areas and themselves, such as Moor Community Group, a 'drop-in' centre, Toy Library, Mums & Tots. The group grew in size and accommodated the whole of Oxmoor. Therefore when there were strong issues, service providers attended OCAG meetings, working with the community to make changes. This led to the New Heart of Oxmoor. OCAG was an important part of the new development in sealing the monetary bid to develop and change Oxmoor by demolishing Sapley Square and building Stage 1 - the Maple and Oak Tree Centres. Stage 2 - Sapley East will follow at a later stage with a resource/community centre.

Today OCAG is still led by residents working to improve the environment, lift morale, and provide opportunities for individuals and groups to develop and expand. OCAG's own projects are Moor in Bloom, the free Firework Display, and a community allotment in Sallowbush Road. Our monthly meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at 10am in the Medway Centre.

We have planned 2012. Incorporating the Olympics and Queen's Diamond Jubilee there will be a Family Fun Day weekend 4th to 8th June; "It's A Knock Out" Olympic Day with Hog roast in July at the time the Olympic Torch comes through Huntingdon; Bands at the Park during August. All of these will take place at Coneygear Park. More information can be found on the Latest News and Events page.

Plus there are two new projects:
Community Reporters. OCAG will train six*  people to be reporters. This will include IT and link into the community newsletter "Moor News" which will be coming back.
Little Green Fingers. This is for under 5s who will learn about healthy eating and grow their own vegetables or fruit at OCAG's allotment Sallowbush Road.

* Full funding was granted in January 2012 to train 30 OCAG Community Reporters. More information can be found on the Home Page

Charitable Status

OCAG is a registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The Charity name is The Oxmoor Community Action Group (OCAG), Charity number 1080960.

OCAG is run by volunteers and has no paid staff. As a non-profit organisation the use of a free e-mail address, free website and a free Facebook Page saves funds which then can be spent on community projects.

Trustees  2013 - 2014

Jill Watkin-Tavener, Chairperson

Alan MacKender-Lawrence, Treasurer 

Esme Richardson

Ann Beevor

George Robins

Trustees 2011-2012

Jill Watkin-Tavener, Chairperson

Alan MacKender-Lawrence, Treasurer (and currently Mayor of Huntingdon)

Jeffery Dutton (currently Chairman of Huntingdonshire District Council) 

Claire Dutton

Christopher Osborn

One vacancy 

Constitution - The Oxmoor Community Action Group

1 Name
The Oxmoor Community Action Group (Hence referred as OCAG)

2 Purpose/Objects
The object of the organisation is To promote the wellbeing of the community resident in the Oxmoor area of Huntingdon and its immediate surroundings, by associating the relevant statutory authorities, voluntary organisations, businesses, and inhabitants in a common effort to:

(i) Advance education;

(ii) Protect and preserve public health, and to relieve sickness

(iii) Maintain, improve, or provide, public amenities;

(iv) Relieve unemployment for the public benefit in such ways as may be thought fit, including the provision of assistance to find employment;

(v) Protect, and to assist in the protection of, life and property;

(vi) Promote and provide for the care, upbringing and establishment in life, of children and young people in need of such services; and

(vii) Provide, and assist in the provision of, facilities for the recreation and other leisure time occupations of the said community in the interests of social welfare and so that their conditions of life may be improved",

3 Powers
In order to further the above objects, The OCAG may:

(i) Raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any organisation or individual;

(ii) Use powers to employ such staff (who shall not be members of the Executive Committee) as are necessary for the proper pursuit of the objects;

(iii) Power to buy, take on lease or in exchange any property necessary for the achievement of the objects and to maintain and equip it for use;

(iv) Power to co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies, and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the objects or of similar charitable purposes and to exchange information and advice with them;

(v) Power to establish or support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for all or any of the objects;

(vi) Power to do all such lawful things as are necessary for the achievements of the objects.

(vii) Power to insure the organisation.

4 Membership
Membership of OCAG shall be open to:

(i) Residents (over the age of 18 years) of the Oxmoor area (see map), who are interested in furthering the objectives of the OCAG, and

(ii) Any body corporate (e.g. local churches, businesses or organisations) or unincorporated association (e.g. community organisation) which is interested in furthering the objectives of the Oxmoor Community Action Group (any such body being called in this constitution a "member organisation").

(iii) Each member will have one vote and be entitled to vote on all matters at meetings of OCAG.

(iv) Each member organisation shall appoint an individual to represent it and vote on its behalf at meetings of OCAG; and may appoint an alternate to replace its appointed representative at any meeting of OCAG if the appointed representative is unable to attend.

(v) Each member organisation shall notify the name of the representative appointed by it and of any alternate to the secretary. If the representative or alternate resigns from or otherwise leaves the member organisation, he or she shall forthwith cease to be the representative of the member organisation.

(vi) The Executive Committee (see Executive Committee below) may unanimously and for good reason terminate the membership of any individual or member organisation: Provided that the individual concerned or the appointed representative of the member organisation concerned (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

5 Executive Committee
(i) The executive committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer and consist of a minimum of eight members and a maximum of twenty members. These members will be Oxmoor residents and/or organisations (as defined in 4) elected at the annual general meeting. An elected member can only represent one organisation. Other members may be co-opted onto the committee at the discretion of the group.

(ii) The committee can also include co-opted non-voting representatives of appropriate public bodies in an advisory capacity.

(iii) Committee members shall serve for a period of one year from the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

(iv) Elected Officers as defined at 5 (i) above) will only be eligible to serve for a continuous period of 3 years. An officer may be re-elected to serve for a further period if a 75% majority of members present vote in favour.

(v) Members must be over 18 years of age.

6 Meetings of the Committee
(i) The Committee shall meet at least four times a year - one meeting to be the AGM.

(ii) A quorum for committee meetings shall be five members with at least two officers of the committee.

(iii) Working groups will meet as required to conduct specific activities. Reports will be made and decisions can be recommended to the full committee and/or officers as appropriate. Deletion or creation of groups can be made at any committee meetings.

(iv) Any committee member failing to attend, or submit apologies, for three consecutive committee meetings shall be deemed to have resigned and the committee will appoint a new representative.

(v) All meetings of the Oxmoor Community Action Group will be accessible to members of the local community who will be able to attend in a non-voting capacity.

(vi) All members of the committee shall abide by acceptable behaviour with common courtesy and respect for other members of the group at all times.

(vii) Elected members shall have one vote.

(viii) Minutes of each full committee meeting shall be taken with copies held for the purpose of reference.

7 Annual General Meeting
(i) The AGM shall be held not less than 12 months and not more than 15 months following the preceding one.

(ii) Only eligible members of the organisation shall be able to vote.

(iii) Written notice of all business to be conducted at the AGM will be sent out 14 days before the date of the meeting to all members entitled to attend.

(iv) Nominations for the committee shall be received before or at the AGM and be elected by the membership. Where appropriate in the view of the Chairman a secret ballot may take place. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman will be entitled to a casting vote.

8 Extraordinary General Meeting
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the request of at least three eligible members of the Committee. A meeting will be held within 14 days of such requests being made to the Secretary.

9 Finances
(i) The Treasurer will report to each committee meeting on the current financial position.

(ii) No monies from the Organisation's funds may be used without the authorisation of the committee. All cheques will require a minimum of two signatures that have been previously agreed by the Committee.

(iii) Members of the committee can receive no financial benefits, unless they are reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

(iv) The Treasurer will present an independently examined account of all funds to the AGM as required by the Charities Act.

(v) The Committee will determine the allocation of appropriate grants or awards to groups or individuals as appropriate (see iii above).

10 Alterations to the Constitution
(i) Subject to the following provisions of this clause the Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting. The notice of the general meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the alteration proposed.

(ii) No amendment may be made to clause 1 (name), clause 2 (objects), clause 11 (dissolution) or this clause without the prior consent in writing of the commissioners.

(iii) No amendment would be made which would have the effect of making the charity cease to be a charity at law.

(iv) The Executive Committee should promptly send to the Commission a copy of any amendment made under this clause."

11 Dissolution
If the Executive Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the charity, it shall call a meeting of all members of the charity, of which not less than 21 days' notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those
present and voting the Executive Committee shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the charity. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the charity as the members of the charity may determine or failing that shall be applied for some other charitable purpose. A copy of the statement of accounts, or account and statement, for the final accounting period of the charity must be sent to the Commission."

12 Equal Opportunities
The Oxmoor Community Action Group is committed to providing equality of opportunity to all of the local community either through services provided or participation in the organisation. The Oxmoor Community Action Group believes that no person should be excluded from the Committee or the project's activities on the grounds of:
Race, ethnic, national or regional origin, gender, sexuality, class, marital status, age, religious or political beliefs, disability or HlV/AIDS. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, or volunteer to participate have an equal chance of doing so.

Constitution. final. OCAG. 20.4. 00

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To contact us please email [email protected] or visit the Facebook Page .

OCAG represents Oxmoor Community Action Group and NoW represents Huntingdon North Ward.

OCAG is a resident-led organisation run by volunteers and does not have a permanent office. Messages for OCAG are monitored daily and are passed on to the most appropriate person(s) to deal with them. Consequently your reply may come from a different e-mail address.

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